Residential Christmas Light Installation in St. John

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Residential Christmas Light Installation in St. John

Hard to believe but the holidays are right around the corner. If you are not ready for the holidays quite yet, put your worries behind you and take a moment to think of the fun you will have with family and friends as you gather together to celebrate the season two months from now. It will be fun, and you can make your holiday season very festive by choosing Groen Holiday Lights by Groen Landscape to install your residential Christmas lighting in St. John.

Why Do We Decorate with Lights During the Christmas Season?

Do you know why we decorate our homes with lights for Christmas? It began in the 17th century in Germany. Germans put small candles on the tree and in the window to let those passing by that they were passing a Christian home. All Christians understood that they would be welcome in that home. It is very similar to how Americans use the “Safe Place” sticker to let passersby know that the house is a haven if they need any help.

Although Germany did start the tradition for lighting the home, soon most Western and Eastern Europeans followed suit. In the United States, it was Thomas Edison in 1880 who displayed a light decoration during Christmas time in front of his laboratory. A commuter train passed the laboratory, and many people on the train saw the light display. A few years later an inventor who worked with Edison created the string of lights.

Over the years, the lights became safer to use, and in the 1940s and 1950s, consumers turned to lights to decorate their homes for Christmas. Now technology has allowed inventors to create even safer and more environmentally friendly lights, and the LED or Light Emitting Diode lights. Groen Holiday Lights by Groen Landscape only uses LED lights for all their lighting jobs.

Holiday Lights Can Unleash Your Competitive Spirit

It would be remiss not to mention that installing holiday lights can become competitive. Everyone wants to be outstanding, and what better way than to have the most lighted house on the block? Let the professionals from Groen Holiday Lights by Groen Landscape help you with your residential Christmas light installation in St. John. Rest assured that you will appreciate the results.

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It’s never too early to put your lights up for the Christmas holiday. Call Groen Holiday Lights by Groen Landscape today at 219-712-9528, or send us a message on our website. For nearly a decade, we have been hired by many St. John residents to install their exterior Christmas lights and decoration. We can install yours too.

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