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Christmas Lights in Northwest Indiana

Who doesn’t love driving through brightly lit neighborhoods during Christmastime? As the season approaches you will see many Christmas light displays in Northwest Indiana neighborhoods and surrounding areas. Will you need help setting up your lights? Groen Landscape specializes in both commercial and residential decorating. We would love to help you spread cheer!

LED vs Incandescent Christmas Lights

There are two different types of lights that can be used:

LED Lights: 

  • Longer life
  • Use less energy
  • Brighter


  • Less expensive
  • Hot to the touch
  • Warm glow
  • Types of Christmas Lights:

Do you need a hand with putting up lights on your roof or lighting up your yard? Groen can help you decide what type of lights are best for your Christmas decoration needs:

  • Mini-lights: These are the typical lights for the tree.  Mini-lights come in color or white and are attached on a green strand to blend in.  
  • Large bulb: (C5, C7, C9, G40) The bigger bulbs are good for large decorating items.  Visualize retro.
  • Battery-operated: Battery-operated lights are convenient where a power source cannot be reached.
  • LED rope lights: LEDs come in a rope strand.  They are easy to use around door frames, walkways, and windows.  
  • Icicle lights: These are mainly for outdoor use. Icicle lights look great hanging from roof lines, eaves, decks, pergolas, and gazebos.
  • Net lights: Net lights make decorating your shrubs and bushes easy. If you want to win the neighborhood Christmas light award, then you can cover your roof with net lights.

How many Christmas lights to use:

First, look at the bulb spacing.  For skinny posts and tree branches use light strands with fewer bulbs.  Strands with more bulbs are best for the Christmas tree or hanging from the roof.  

Let’s make Northwest Indiana shine with Christmas lights!

When it comes to your indoor tree, the recommended number of lights is 100 mini lights per foot and a half of tree height.

  • 4-inch bulb spacing lights more of the tree at a lower cost to you.
  • 6 to 8-inch bulb spacing are best used when wrapping each branch.

For brightly lit outdoor trees you can use 200 mini lights for each foot and a half of tree height.  

  • 100 mini lights per foot will also light up the tree just fine.
  • Skinny trees will use fewer lights.
  • Full trees will use more lights.  Large bulbs would fill up the space nicely.
  • Use net lights to cover shrubs and bushes.  
  • 6 to 8-inch bulbs will wrap the best around tree branches

Groen Landscape also provides Christmas decoration to commercial properties.  Follow this link to see what work we have done for local businesses

Don’t forget!

  • Not all white lights have the same glow.
  • Timers help to conserve energy.
  • Only use outdoor extension cords for outdoor lighting, and indoor extension cords for inside decorating.  
  • Check the amp capacity on the extension cord, because Christmas lights come in different amps.  Make sure to pair with the equal amp capacity.
  • The longer the extension cord the less power it will have.

How can Groen Landscape help?

Whatever your Christmas decoration lighting need is, Groen Landscape can help you create a bright and festive look. We would love to come decorate your home or business in the Northwest Indiana area. Our experts can assist with roofline lighting, landscape décor, and holiday light setup. Contact us today at (219)-712-9528 or email us at info@groenlandscape.com

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